A Suffolk Pubs and Christmas Lights, Thornham, Cotton, Bacton and Eye, Suffolk - 7th December 2018

Mikey-P arranges a bit of a lads' night out as he ferries us around a few Suffolk pubs, starting at the Thornham "Four Horsehoes of the Apocalypse", followed by the Cotton Trowel and Hammer, which was nice to see open again even though the beer was grim, and finally the Bacton Bull, which luckily had some very nice beer on.

next album: The St. Nicholas Street Fayre, Diss, Norfolk - 9th December 2018
previous album: Little Venice and the BSCC Christmas Dinner, London and Norfolk - 1st December 2018

Wavy props up the pub in the Thornham Four Horseshoes

The lads in the Trowel and Hammer, Cotton. The Boy Phil looks like he's sleeping

The Bacton Bull

Wavy speaks out

Jimmy chats to Ricey Ricey chats to Ian C

The lads

The lads mill around in the Bull's car park

Outside the office, the sparrows are having fun in a tray full of water

Down at the Eye Lights turn on, Fred's doing a spot of busking

Isobel pokes Fred's flute

There's an indoor market going on in the town hall

Lilly and Fred mess around

Book browsing

Lambseth Street in Eye

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Wavy props up the pub in the Thornham Four Horseshoes