A Day at Warwick Castle, Warwickshire - 8th September 2018

It's the time of year for Grandad's RAF reunion, but because he's not into driving long distances any more we take him down and stay in the same hotel, just outside Stratford Upon Avon. Whilst the old boys of the entry of 1951 hold their AGM, we head off to nearby Warwick Castle for the day.

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There's an escaped sock on the railway line at Diss Station

Down in London, there's a lunch trip to Peking Seoul on Praed Street, which passes Fleming's old gaff

A horse waits at the pedestrian crossing on Hyde Park Corner in London

Fred finds something amusing when we arrive at the Stratford Manor for the first night

The boys find a funky 1960s-style mirror

The boys in their beds

Next morning, Isobel and the boys have a swim in the hotel pool

Fred reads the map

Isobel and Fred in the stocks again

A peacock roams around

There are some birds of prey

An impressive fish eagle of some sort

The gang on a hill wait for the Trebuchet demonstration

The dude - left - narrates the story of the trebuchet and its use in mediaeval wars

A weir

The boys are in stocks again, in the Horrible Histories maze

The boys roam around the maze

On a Viking ship

Fred and Harry in the World War One trenches

Nice weaved willow arches

There's a birds-of-prey demo

An eagle flies in

Some kind of flying raptor

A massive eagle

The boys run around

The dude from the trebuchet demo is now doing longbows and arrows

A demonstration of archery

The clocktower, which looks vaguely like Hampton Court

The great hall is set up for a wedding

Ornate ceiling

Another dining room

A repeating ceiling

The family portrait room

Some mediaeval-style stained glass

Bearded dude with a book, in stained glass

Warwich Castle's shared ownership with Madame Tussaud's shows through in its impressive wax-works

The drawing room

A stuffed bear with a gramophone

The origin of Warwickshire's 'ragged stump and bear' is explained, in the bear pit

Aerial view of the next bird demonstration

Warwick, as seen from the castle battlements

Isobel ponders

Painted corridors

Fred peers through a telescope

The trebuchet is wound up by human mice on its big wheels

As we leave the great hall, wedding guests arrive

The bride and bridesmaids sweep in

The groom in shining armour

The coach driver demonstrates the challenging skill of reversing a coach-and-pair

The streets of Warwick

The boys look all bored, because we've had to walk for more than five minutes

The 1960s building containing Warwickshire County Council and library

Metal sculpture in a pond

Warwick market is packing up, but we get a great deal on eight punnets of strawberries

Fred looks longingly at an ice-cream freezer

Warwick has a nice line in old street signs

Walking back to the car park

Back at the Straford Manor

Funky mirror

Milling around reception

Harry and Fred in the hotel room

There's a cool reflection of Harry in a mirror, where his head is floating in space

Selfie in a silver ball

Grandad and his RAF massive turn up for their dinner

Isobel and a sleepy Harry

Part of the breakfast table looks like a still-life study

Harry is Superman, outside the room

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There's an escaped sock on the railway line at Diss Station