A Day on the Beach, Southwold, Suffolk - 25th August 2018

We take the van, plus Evelyn who's over from Dublin for the week, over to Southwold for the day. Getting there reasonably early means we get a good spot near the beach, upon which we generally doss around for the day, with a camper-van bacon fry up for a late breakfast, and some chips from Mrs. T's with hot-smoked salmon from the smokehouse next door for lunch.

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Harry and Fred leg it as soon as we get there

Isobel fries up a load of bacon

Fred practices some circus skills

The sea breaks over the sandbar near the harbour wall

Dune grass

Isobel and Evelyn drink tea in front of the van

Our beach encampment

Harry roams around

The Alfred Corry lifeboat museum

Harry's got a kite

Fred watches the kite whirl around above him

Southwold beyond the dunes

More kite action from Harry

Evelyn and Fred do a spot of swimming

The gang in the sea

It's cold, so it's not long before everyone runs out of the sea again

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Harry and Fred leg it as soon as we get there