Petanque and a Lightning Storm, Carcassonne, Aude, France - 12th August 2018

It's the night of the Perseid meteor shower maximum, but as usual the weather conspires to render the whole thing moot again. However, at least time there's some compensation by way of a spectacular lightning storm over Carcassonne. Before that, we're eating out again whilst watching a keenly-played game of petanque, and before all of that we spend a second day down at Lac de la Cavayére, for another swim in the warm, fresh water

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The boys in the woods at Lac de la Cavayére

Fred's up a tree

The animals in the zoo watch the world outside their cage

A long and dusty track

Some dude plays guitar to himself

Harry joins Fred in another session of grasshopper chasing

The lake is all very green

Some boys hurl themselves off the pedalo pier

In the Bastide of Carcassonne, there's a game of Petanque afoot

The game of boules is on

The cochinelle is retrieved

It's time for tea

The boys look for lizards in the drainpipes

The boys are a blur as they run around in the warm rain

It's lashing it

We retreat inside the Brasserie des Platanes

The Brasserie des Platanes in the rain

A sign from Billingsgate fish market

Harry's got wet hair

Lightning fills the sky and brings day to night

Some in-cloud lightning over Carcassonne

There's a low-down flash of lightning

A delicate pre-lighning tracer, like filligree, traces a horse's head in the clouds

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The boys in the woods at Lac de la Cavayére