The Lac de la Cavayère, Carcassonne, Aude, France - 10th August

It's time to do a bit of swimming at what is generally known as Carcassonne's beach - the Lac de la Cavayére, just a few miles outside the city. The swimming is fantastic as it's fresh water, calm and most of all actually warm. It's also quite possibly Nosher's first return visit since 1980

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We arrive early when the beach isn't yet too busy

Isobel and Harry do the first test swim

Fred hurls himself in

Fred bobs about

Harry starts building a sandcastle

Flaking out on the 'beach'

When it gets too hot, we retire to the woods for a picnic

The boys run around on top of a hill

Sunlight through the trees

We explore further up the lake

Harry gets a slushy

Harry's tongue is super-bright red/orange

Massed pedalos

Fred chases grasshoppers

We find a nice green beetle on a stick

Harry and Fred scramble down a hillside

Standing surfboard-canoe things and some ducks

We hire a pedalo for half an hour

The beach is now heaving, as seen from the pedalo

Some dude practices water-skiing on something that resembles a zipwire

Harry feeds the ducks

It's churro time

Isobel roams around with a cucumber in the local Carrefour supermarket

Sometimes translations can be a bit dodgy

Near the Porte d'Aude are some cool 'hand pan' buskers

Fred and Harry play with Lego at the Le Crèneau restaurant

There's a really nice old Peugeot 204 convertible in the square

Harry slurps apple juice

Harry has a think about what to draw

The château Comtal and the restaurant Le St. Jean

Wandering back through the sodium lights

There's a blur of people near the Porte d'Aude

A solitary car waits at the bottom of an apartment block

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We arrive early when the beach isn't yet too busy