Harry's got his ear defenders on already

Harry's got his ear defenders on already

This might be the band Love Songs for Losers

The bar staff get carried away

A well-dressed mannequin

Isobel does some diablo

A band appears

An abandoned caravan

One of the nicer festival views, from near the bogs

Isobel helps out with temporary tattoos

Harry gets his hair done

Charlie plays some guitar

Isobel and the boys sit on bales

The Delta Beltas

Delta blues from the Delta Beltas

Outside, there's a water fight going on

More water fights

Fred pumps up some air to launch a rocket

Harry's got a fish on a stick

An explosion of water as the bottle rocket launches

Fred makes a thing

Harry looks in a mirror

Fred and Harry are doing crafts

The Maui Waui tent

Harry gets his creation photographed

Katie Spencer in action

Someone's so excited for pizza, they do a handstand

Funky parasol

A small girl, and a lot of toilets

Gaz wanders over

Some of the outdoor urinals - waz @ WoW

Katie Spencer sings

The flags aren't as annoying as at Glastonbury

Ed with his tankard

Isobel and Fred wander down from the campsite

The excellent Sefo Kanuteh

Sefo Kanuteh looks up

Circus-tent stripes

The Maui Waui lounge at WoW

Johnny Steinberg and the Bluefish

A dog in flowers

Johnny Steinberg

Hot Raisin in the tent

Guitar action

Back outside, Bessie Turner is on the main stage

Bessie Turner on stage

Bessie Turner In-between songs

Bessie Turner on guitar

Festival crowds

Fred and his gang

Fred covets a sort-of ball Rubik's cube

Hip-Hoppy act Almatic

A meso-American woman roams around

A hippy-trippy dancer

A girl runs off with the flag

We bump into 'Amandines' Sue

The Lord of Worms' bassist is all hair

The next band haul their gear in

In the main tent

More crazy Mexican/Inca action

Sandie gives a paper-cup toast

More guitar action

Isobel, Hannah and the gang of children

Harry looks up

A great Bluegrass/rock band plays

Stage shenanigans

The 'vote Labour' tent isn't very busy

Somebody's clearly had enough

The band takes its encore outside

Guitar serenade

The Uppercut Band

Solo Banton and band

Jamaican Reggae exponent Solo Banton

Solo Banton tells it like it is

Lights in the trees, like fireflies

The Maui Waiu tent in the dusk

There's a cool laser installation on the bridge

Isobel and the boys head off

The gang walk down to the arena on day three

Spoken-word/beat poetry and the band Wendsum

Poetry in motion

Guitar and flute

Gaz and his mate

Harry's had a face paint

Ed and his mate hang on the bar

Billy Fleming chats to some dude in a shiny jacket

More foot-powered water rockets

Twisted Routes, or Nebula Sun

A small boy looks in

A hairy guitar dude plays the Maui Waui tent

Outside, there's fun with a parachute

The parachute nearly takes off

Harry flakes out a bit

The band Bad Parents

More bottle rockets

Harry does a bit more fishing for plastic

Gaz has a go at the bottle rocket

A nice old Renault 4 and a tiny caravan drive away

Epic Turkish/Albanian band Don Kipper

Don Kipper in action

Isobel dances

The Whiskey Shivers, from Austin, Texas

Bobby Fitzgerald on fiddle

The Whiskey Shivers in action

Geoff Hortillosa has a beer

There's some mad dancing going on

Washboard and guitar action

The bar staff dance like lunatics

Geoff Hortillosa belts out some vocals

Intense banjo action form James Bookert

There's a guest vocalist

The string section gets together

James Bookert's out in the crowd

A small child resolutely refuses to do a high-five

The band does its encore in the crowd

Amandines Sue bops away

The band reaches some sort of crescendo

Isobel and Hannah outside the tent

Ed goes over to speak to the band

CDs are autographed

Ed gives a hug

Ed gets emotional and chats to James Bookert