The Formerly-Known-As-The-Eye-Show, Palgrave, Suffolk - 17th June 2018

The show that started at as a re-homed Eye Show but is now known as something generic but clearly far less memorable, like "wheels through the ages" or whatever, rolls into Palgrave for another year. Fred suggested that we cycle over, so we did, braving the swarms of small beetle things that would settle onto our hi-viz gear in their hundres if we so much as stopped anywhere for more than a few seconds. Once there, we found a mixture of vintage cars, traction engines, wholesome agricultural pursuits such as tractor pulling and chain-saw sculpture, Clive in his US Army truck and Rachel driving Andrew's Fordson tractor as "a lady". It seemed like there was a good turnout, despite of - or perhaps because of - the cooler weather.

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A bunch of old, and not so old, Jaguars

A Morris Minor called Millie

Clive rumbles past in his truck

An outrageous 1960s Buick

A small dog peers out of a truck

Someone climbs out of a tiny three-wheeled BMW

Harry and Amelia hang around the show ring, as it fills up with vintage commercial vehicles

It's a shaggy dog story at the ice cream van

A massive caravan

It's all completely hat stand

Some dude does a spot of rug weaving

Traction engine 'Robey' trundles by

A bike - largely familiar despite dating from 1898 - but with crazy chain and no brakes

The BBMF - sans Lancaster - does a fly by

Someone tries to use his sculpture as a fire lighter

Something mechanical starts up and spews a huge cloud of pollution into the sky

A view of the motorbikes from up on Clive's truck

WWII army truck picnic

An old Bugatti gets going

Isobel and Suzanne share some tortilla chips

The lads look into an engine bay

Army vehicle collection

A BSA motorcycle badge

Someone waves from the truck, as Amelia looks on

The Harvey Shires heavy horses trot around the show ring

Sawdust flies everywhere down at the steam-driven timber yard

The steam engine - Oliver - and a big log

A small Lister engine spends all day pumping bright purple liquid around

Some kind of vintage stone crusher has broken down

Someone reflects upon the Pell Street Organ

Over in Wavy's table-tennis tent, Fred, Harry and Oak mess around

A happy tractor driver

Rachel - a 'lady' as the commentator pointed out - drives Las around

Rachel waves

A nice old 1950s Ford Consul

Epic chrome on display

A bit of tractor pulling occurs

A bloke on a tiny but very bright orange Allis-Chalmers tractor

The Moggy Minors head off

A classic Suffolk sign - especially designed to confuse visitors

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A bunch of old, and not so old, Jaguars