A bunch of Jaguars of various ages

A bunch of Jaguars of various ages

A big Peterbilt tractor unit

A Morris Minor called Millie

An outrageous 1960s Buick

A tiny three-wheeled BMW

Harry and Amelia hang around the show ring

Harry and Isobel go for a walk

An old Vauxhall engine

Some sort of old Rover

It's a shaggy dog story at the ice cream van

A shire horse is prepared for a showing

A massive caravan

It's all completely hat stand

Isobel and Harry watch some rug-weaving action

We meet up with Tilly Dog

A traction engine called Robey trundles around

A bunch of smoking traction engines

The BBMF, without the Lancaster, does a fly by

A bit of chain-saw sculpture occurs

A blow-torch is applied to the sculpture

More roaming around the showground

A scale model of a traction engine

A nicely done-up camper van

Amelia and Fred climb up on Clive's truck

Something spews a cloud of pollution into the sky

A view of the cab of Clive's truck

A view of the motorbikes

Isobel and Suzanne share some tortilla chips

Clive in a Jeep

The lads look into an engine bay

A BSA motorcycle badge

Someone waves from the truck, as Amelia looks on

Harvey's Shires kick up some dust

The Harvey Shires trot around the show ring

Master Potter - anothe rminiature traction engine

Sawdust flies at the steam-driven saw

A Lister engine pumps purple liquid around

Wavy in the Table Tennis tent

Some kind of vintage stone crusher has broken down

A pile of unbroken stone

An engine is poked with an iron rod

The giant steam-powered saw has paused

Adjustments are made to the saw

Someone reflects upon the Pell Street Organ

The boys get a bit excited in the ping-pong tent

A happy tractor driver

Rachel - a 'lady' as the commentator pointed out

Rachel waves as she drives Las around

A nice old 1950s Ford Consul

A classic 50s car

A vintage Ford Mustang

A bit of tractor pulling occurs

A bloke on a tiny but very orange Allis-Chalmers

The Moggy Minors head off

A Special Edition Ferguson

A classic Suffolk sign - especially designed to confuse visitors