An Unexpected Birthday, Ipswich, Suffolk - 26th May 2018

OK, so the birthday itself is not unexpected, but the addition of Grace and Sophie thanks to Rachel's "unintended digit detatchment" is. So we all end up at Pizza Express in Ipswich, whilst Rachel gets the erstwhile escapee appendage stiched back on. And anyway, it's pizza, and it's a nice day down at Neptune Quay, which is almost like Cannes, really. But before all of that, there's an evening drinking ridiculously-strong beer down at Station 119 on Eye Airfield...

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At Bethnal Green, someone has painted the inexplicable '10 foot' onto a railway bridge

Silver graffiti, that's 'too drunk'

Outside Station 119, someone in an old Ford P-100 burns some rubber

Mick the Brick chats to the brewery dude

The Boy Phil and Paulio

Station 1-1-9 glasses

A 48-star Old Glory

Marc's at the bar

Down at Bounce in Ipswich, Fred's out for a birthday party and looks serious about air hockey

Fred in Bounce

A nicely graffitoed cube in Tower Hamlets

Isobel and the gang are in Go Outdoors - one half of the former B&Q

Down on the docks in Ipswich

Fred outside the Isaac Lord

Inside Pizza Express

Pizza ovens

Fred puts his hat on

A row of olive-oil bottles

Pizzas are ready

The children look out over the harbour

A sailing barge

Reflections of the 'university' buildings

A big husky on a boat

The children do a novelty photo in the 'Fire engine photo booth'. Fred's got a horse's head on

Grace, Fred and Sophie wander off

The kids run around for a bit

Leaning against a green wall - Harry's position says it all

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At Bethnal Green, someone has painted the inexplicable '10 foot' onto a railway bridge