Fire Alarms and Miscellany, London - 2nd February 2018

The fire alarm goes off at work in Paddington, so the entire 8-floor building has to evacuate in the lashing rain. Then, it's back to Diss

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2 Kindom Street evacuates via the gloomy basement

Lashed by rain

Microsoft has a particularly tall sign on a stick

Masses of evacuated employees mill around

Harry and Isobel march off

Fred does some balancing

Fred and Harry run around

Mount Street in Diss, with the Saracen's Head pub on the left

Towards the Market Place, with Browne's butchers on the corner of St. Nicholas Street

Harry and a large piece of cake in Mere Moments Café, Diss

There's a cockerel perched on a fence

The boys stalk the cockerel around the car park

Fred and Harry do some sort of activity

Boris - Stripey Cat - looks a bit 'meh'

It snows for a bit

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2 Kindom Street evacuates via the gloomy basement