A Roam Around Ickworth House, Horringer, Suffolk - 28th January 2018

We head over to Ickworth for another wander around. This time, the extensive basement "visiting servants quarters" are all open for exploration...

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National Trust members sure like to stick their stickers everywhere

The boys find a climbey tree

Harry and his hat

Fred and an up-turned tree stump

Winter trees

Mossy logs

There are some rather impressive tree carvings scattered about

The boys fight with sticks

Fred and Isobel stomp through the leaves

A carving that looks like J. S. Bach

The Ickworth rotunda

A nice model of the Ickworth electricity system, circa 1909

Ickworth's modern, but no less epic, heating system

The boys play with some early 20th century wood tools

Harry's got a ruler

Fred and a water pump

Harry roams around the basement kitchen

The boys investigate 1920s kitchen molds

Fred plays with scales

Isobel's on an old phone, as Harry looks up

Fred with an old Remington typewriter

The boys have fun with some old sugar tongs

The visiting servants' dining/recreation room

Isobel roams around

The boys play an early Bagatelle/Billard Japonais/pinball game

Fred plays the piano

One of many underground cellars beneath Ickworth House

In the many corridors of Ickworth

A 1920s bike

The boys are back at the tool table

Isobel sits outside the orangery

You wouldn't really know it was January

Ickworth Orangery

Isobel's coffee and Fred's hot chocolate

The boys do pretend bull-fighting

Harry and Fred in a tree

The cliché Rotunda photo

A tree stump in the stumpery

Down by the pond again, except less frozen

More stickers

Fred hides in a tree stump

Harry and Fred on a massive fallen-down tree stump

The tree stump looks like Dartmoor granite

A dead-looking tree

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National Trust members sure like to stick their stickers everywhere