Bill's Birthday, The Lophams Village Hall, Norfolk - 9th December 2017

It's Bill's 50th birthday party up at the Lophams Village Hall, twixt North and South Lopham in Norfolk. There's beer, copious joints of slow-roast pork and an actual disco, which has a snow machine and lasers

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Fred, Harry and Isobel take to the dancefloor

Tyler pours a lemonade as Jimmy gives the Hairy Eyeball

Fred does a great spot of Robot dancing

Alan gets a beer as Paul looks on

The DJ turns on the snow machine - the kids love it

Isabella and Bill

Wavy's on the beer

Oak and Fred make a mummy with Jessica and some toilet roll

Another victim is engulfed in bog roll

A tower of toilet roll

Bill does the judging

There's a small child somewhere under a pile of loo roll

Harry pokes Wavy's beard

Jack and Harry do high-fives with Wavy

Suey chats to Simon

There's another explosion of fake snow

Disco smoke

In the kitchen: where the party's at

Harry's asleep as Fred has a meltdown

Paul looks like he's on Suey's lap

Fred's got a head-full of snow

Paul's on the phone

Claire waves around some paper as Big Al looks on

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Fred, Harry and Isobel take to the dancefloor