Ploughing and Pizza, Thrandeston and Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk - 17th September 2017

We're off the Bury to meet up with Janet and James for a spot of pizza. Then, the next day, on the way down to Bournemouth, Nosher stops off at The Boy Phil's, where there's a ploughing event going on. After having seen lots of vintage tractor runs, it's nice to see them actually doing what they're supposed to for a change

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Harry holds his breath for no particular reason

The Angle Hotel in Bury is resplendent in green and purple

The tower of Bury Cathedral

Harry's enjoying the water pump in Abbey Gardens

Walking up Abbeygate Street

Harry pokes at the 'diamond' chandeliers in Prezzo

Walking back to the car along Abbeygate Street, in the gathering dusk

Tractor and plough

A Ford 3000 trundles around

A tracked Fordson, with straw stuck to its tracks, like hair

A Grey Fergie 'special edition'

Blue smoke fills the air

Mr. C, Paul, Uncle Mick and The Boy Phil

The Fergie Special Edition

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Harry holds his breath for no particular reason