A Summer Fete, Palgrave, Suffolk - 10th September 2017

It's the late summer fete in Palgrave, so we cycle over to see what's occuring for an hour or so

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Isobel tests out Wavy's ping pong tent

Fred collects ping-pong balls

Martina gets cake

Village fete bunting

Harry's up a tree

Oak balances on a spring thing

Harry checks out the random guff in the car boot

Harry finds a super-hero costume

An African drum session breaks out

Isobel and Harry

More African-style drumming

Multiple tombolas in the community hall

Morris-dancing dogs with waistcoats

Outside the community centre, the Morris dogs stand around

The Hoxon Hundred do their thing

The Morris dancers wave hankies in the air

Harry hauls a balloon around

Fred and Isobel at the railway crossing in Palgrave

We wait for the train, but it turns out to be a rubbish commuter thing

The odd sight of an abandoned wheelchair in a field

We stop to pick blackberries

Isobel picks fruit

Back on the bikes

One of the derelict houses next to the White Elephant is being done up

Derelict house with no doors or windows

An old armchair, with a couple of framed pictures, has been left in the garden

The White Elephant - an unchanged relic from the 1980s

The cycle path in Hyde Park gets diverted past the rather impressive Hyde Park police station

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Isobel tests out Wavy's ping pong tent