The Tour of Britain Does Eye, Suffolk - 8th September 2017

The Tour of Britain comes through the local town of Eye, and there's a good turn-out of locals to watch it - even the school turfs out for an hour. As usual, watching cycle races is all about the build up, as the actual cycling bit is over in seconds as the lead peloton is followed by a bunch of cars, another knot of cyclist and then a load more cars, whilst the whole thing is coralled by around 50 police motorbikes from forces as far away as Devon and Cornwall and the Heddlau of Wales.

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The first rozzer bike turns up - a sure sign that something is going to happen soon-ish

A small dog watches too

Two marshalls confer

The mayor of Eye rocks up

An event marshall directs the radio car

The radio car encourages the crowds

The boys from Laurel's Farm butchers look happy

Some of the crowd are ready with beaters

The lead peloton crests the hill past the chicken factory

The peloton rounds the corner outside the Bank

The first tranch of team cars piles through

The Team Scott riders

Team Sky

Another mass of cyclists

A few stragglers bring up the reae

Cameraphone action

The current and previous Mayor talk to the crowds

Merlin - the previous mayor - holds up a massive Suffolk flag

The mayor roams around as Merlin waves his flag

Decorated bikes outside Baraclays Bank

Some geezer inspects the decorated bikes

Another decorated bike leans up against the wall outside the church

Dennyholme is all boarded up

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The first rozzer bike turns up - a sure sign that something is going to happen soon-ish