From Achill to Strokestown, Counties Mayo and Roscommon, Ireland - 10th August 2017

It's the last day in the Achill Island Hotel, and there's a brief mission to visit the derelict church across the Sound that can be seen from the car park of the hotel. As it happens, it's on private land and inaccessible, but instead there's the chance discovery of the derelict Belfarsad National School, dating from 1913. Then, we head off across Ireland to Dublin but end up stopping almost exactly half-way at the oddly-named Strokestown in County Roscommon which, as well as containing the second-widest street in Ireland is also home to Strokestown Park - a grand Palladian house the owners of which became notorious for their famine-era eviction of some 11,000 tenants. Finally, after a few more hours, we end up at Da Gorls' house in Monkstown, County Dublin - the culmination of around 1,000 miles of driving (not counting the 500 to and from Liverpool).

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Harry checks out his 'Terminator' shades in the big mirror in the hotel staircase

Gabes with his breakfast sunglasses

Everyone we've met over the last few days seems to be in reception as we check out

An empty 70s-style office in Achill

The largely-closed Sweeney petrol station in Achill

The derelict petrol pumps read

Belfarsad church

Achill's swing bridge in the distance

The sadly derelict Belfarsad National School, 1913

Piles of rusting ironwork

A window within a window

A heap of discarded books adds to the poignancy of an abandoned school

Iron wheel in the grass

Another derelict house in Belfarsad

A derelict room, but like someone has only just left

The bedroom has seen better days

Pictures from an exhibition and a worn-out sofa

An out-house has lost its roof

Near Newport, there are huge piles of 'bog oak' in a field

More piles of bog oak

Vanishing-point highway near Newport

At Kelly's Garage in Newport is a lovely old Daimler

The Daimler Sovereign looks almost lit up against the gloomy houses

Lovely little street-side petrol station in Strokestown

Vintage air line at the Strokestown street-side Texaco

Church Street in Strokestown - the second-widest street in Ireland apparently

A shed on the pavement, Church Street

There's some kind of maypole on the roundabout

Street corner, and the national Famine commemoration

Strokestown Park House

The gang explore the house

Roaming in a servants' tunnel

Harry runs off into a woodland walk

Harry finds a vine to swing on

Amusing anthropomorphic tree

A fairy's house

Harry runs about some more

The restored walled gardens

Finally, we reach Evelyn and Louise's house and eat pizza

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Harry checks out his 'Terminator' shades in the big mirror in the hotel staircase