Surfing Achill Island, Oileán Acla, Maigh Eo, Ireland - 8th August 2017

Whilst visiting Keel Strand on the other side of Achill Island, Isobel and Fred got for a spot of body-boarding, whilst Harry builds multiple sandcastles up in the dunes. Then we visit the abandoned village of Slievemore up in the foothills before a quick trip to Trá Nua, or New Beach - so named because its sand returned overnight in Easter 2017 after having been washed away during fierce storms in 1984, 33 years before. Finally, on the way back to Achill, we explore some of the modern peat workings that still scour the land.

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Outside the derelict Mináun View Bar are some abandoned petrol pumps, in fading colours of the Irish tricolour

Old hut, Keel

A randomly-located green cottage

Isobel and the boys roam the wide beach

Harry runs about

Fred and Isobel head down to the beach

Shortly afterwards, Isobel requests a second body-board

A lifeguard looks around

Fred is about to be overwhelmed by the waves

Fred pops up for air

Isobel surfs in

Fred rides a wave

Meanwhile, Harry pokes about up in the dunes

Harry's extensive sandcastle construction

Harry runs around as Fred gets changed

Various surf boards at Surf le Tomás

Harry climbs a 'spider pyramid'

Fred and Isobel

Up in the deserted village of Slievemore

The remains of a cottage

Another one of a line of derelict cottages that stretches for nearly a mile

More derelict buildings

The view back down to Keel

Green and red lichen on a white marble boulder

Isobel looks around in the rain

The gang shelter from a passing shower in the lee of an abandoned cottage

Isobel explores

Derelict cottages of Slievemore

Harry takes a pretty good photo of Fred

Fluffy clouds in a rare blue sky

A mushroom grows on some poo

In a certain direction, the sky is completely blue

Derelict house on the way to Dooagh

We visit Trá Nua, or 'new beach' at Dooagh

The deep scar of a peat trench

More scars on the land

Isobel looks down on a big mound of peat

The turf-cutting landscape of Achill

Isobel looks at some pampas grass and some of the rhododendron plants that infest the island

Peat mounds and a turf trench on Achill Island

Three mounds of peat briquettes

Achill Island bridge

Back at the hotel

The boys run up the stairs

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Outside the derelict Mináun View Bar are some abandoned petrol pumps, in fading colours of the Irish tricolour