Diss Fest, or Singin' in the Rain, Diss, Norfolk - 23rd July 2017

Diss hosts another of those under-advertised events it likes to do - this time it's a mini music festival in the park. Isobel's choir - Invidia Voices - are opening up with a few numbers, and almost on cue it starts lashing with rain as soon as they start. They are followed by various musical turns from students of Diss High School.

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Invidia Voices start their set in the lashing rain

Fred, Sophie and Harry are watching

The choir gets in to it

Grandad hides under a tree

Isobel in the middle

Umbrella in the rain

Choir action

More of the audience shelter from the rain

the conductor, er, conducts

It's the finale

The choir dude gets on Park Radio's microphone

Isobel meets up with the boys

The Mere

Fred tries to tempt a duck with some duck food

Rainwater beads up on a metal bench

It really is nice weather for ducks

A gaggle of geese

Sophie, Grace and Fred run around after ducks

The geese go marching off in a line

There's some more singing

A great singing/ukulele combination

More soulful singing

Fred and Harry race across the park as it lashes with rain again

Isobel doesn't look too happy with the rain

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Invidia Voices start their set in the lashing rain