A Day at the Grain Brewery Open Day, Alburgh, Suffolk - 20th May 2017

Nosher gets a welcome, if rare, Saturday off to go out cycling on the lash with The Boy Phil, Marc, Suey and DH. It's the Grain Brewery open-day/mini beer festival at Alburgh, near Bungay, followed by a stop off at the Wortwell Bell beer festival and then a hard slog with the hiccups back to Braisworth near Eye for Chickens' party - around 34 miles all in. Before that, it's off to the Microsoft Research building in Cambridge for a day of "hot desking".

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There's a classic old-timey shunting engine down at Cambridge station

Derelict railway building at Cambridge

The view from the office is of the ongoing rebuilding of the Cambridge Station area

the MSR building on Station Road/Tennyson Road

Marc gets his trailer ready for beer

DH and Marc pause on the tandem in Hoxne

Dh stops for a wee, as Marc and Suey wait

Sarah on the footpath at Wortwell crossing the A143

In the bar at Grain Brewery

DH tests the beer

There's music on outside

We get a tour of the brewery from the owner

More tanks are explained

The process of Lagering is explained

Marc gurns in front of some maturation tanks

Marc leaves to get more beer

There's an old wrecked piano near the toilets

Marc plays a tune

DH looks especially grumpy in a group photo

The Boy Phil queues up for a sausage

Nosher's beer, plus coffee beans

A small boy runs around in the rain

Suey looks at beer

Marc does some selfies

The Grain Brewery day is officially over

Phil extricates his bike

Marc readies for the off with an extra 15kg of beer in tow

Phil inspects a motorbike at the Wortwell Bell

Outside the Wortwell Bell

DH roams around

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There's a classic old-timey shunting engine down at Cambridge station