Stríðsminjar War Relics and Perlan, Reykjavik, Iceland - 23rd April 2017

It's another action-packed day as we explore the forest above the hotel and discover a load of relics from the Allied occupation of Iceland during the end end of World War II. That's followed by a visit to Perlan, or "The Pearl" - an observation dome built on top of disused hot water tanks - after which we head back downtown and visit the Harpa, the impressive glass-walled concert hall and cultural venue by the old docks. Then it's off to the famous Kolaportið flea market; the Settlement Museum; that Viking boat sculpture on the waterfront and then back to the Harpa to see actual people playing international chess. The next day, at stupid o'clock, we're off on the bus back to the airport and the flight home.

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Funky mural on the Icelandair building attached to the Hotel Natura

The remains of the old generator room on the former Allied air base at Stríðsminjar

Isobel finds a den

Graffiti in an ammunition storage room

Isobel on top of a hill

High above Reykjavík

The view from a bunker

The view from Howitzer Hill of the airport in 2017...

...and the same view from more-or-less the same point in 1944

Perlan, or The Pearl

Futuristic entrance

Isobel stretches out

A small executive jet takes off from Reykjavík Municipal Airport

Shiny dome on top of The Pearl

An observation scope

The colourful roofs of Reykjavík

Hallgrímskirkja dominates the skyline of the city

Isobel looks out

Outside Perlan, are some weird faceless musicians

This 'secret nuclear bunker' is actually workings of a derelict artifical geyser

Isobel in the forest

An Icelandic post box

Street art at Hlemma, near the bus station

More street art/graffiti near the waterfront

The Solfar 'Sun Voyager' sculpture

Rocky cairns near Harpa

The dramatic glass wall of the Harpa

Isobel is reflected in the hexagon 'crystals' of the Harpa

Inside Harpa is even more dramatic

Walking up the stairs

Isobel roams around in Harpa

Hundreds of chess sets are ready for the Reykjavík International Chess Tournament

Coloured bottles

Window shopping

Isobel's on the phone as we find ourselves back in the Laundromat Café

There are many books, grouped together by colour

Laundromat Café

Isobel looks up over her beer

Down at the flea market, Isobel inspects some unusual food offerings

Contemplating some Icelandic books for the boys

Illumination in the entrance to the Settlement museum

Remains of the original settlement from 871AD

Back at the Harpa, the chess tournament is in full swing

Crowds watch the chess action on monitors

Outside, some sort of visitng choir poses for a photo

A whale-watching boat is repaired

Quaint Reykjavík street

Reykjavík is certainly a city of street art

Posters and wall art

More art/graffiti

A monster truck on Laugavegur

Isobel as a viking

Isobel near the bus station in Hlemmur

The wooden sheep that guard the Satt restaurant at our hotel

The Pearl, at 4.30am

Keflavík Airport

The sun, peering through a glass door, does its best 'Dark Side of the Moon' impression

A 737 queues up behind us at Keflavík airport

There's a good view of London City Airport and the Thames Barrier at Greenwich

The O2 and the Isle of Dogs from the air

Heathrow's new-ish Terminal 2

Down at Paddington are a load of Class 43/InterCity 125s in various liveries

Isobel gives the hairy eyeball at Paddington

The highly-photogenic Paddington Station, just metres away from Nosher's new office

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Funky mural on the Icelandair building attached to the Hotel Natura