The Golden Circle of Ísland, Iceland - 22nd April 2017

We hire a car for the day and drive the "Golden Circle" - a 100-mile route which takes in Þingvellir National Park and the Öxarárfoss waterfall - site of the Alþing, the seat of Iceland's ancient parliament; The Strokkur geyser at Geysir; the epic Gullfoss waterfall; the "Secret Lagoon" in Flúðir and finally the Kerið volcano

next album: Stríðsminjar War Relics and Perlan, Reykjavik, Iceland - 23rd April 2017
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Our first stop is a nice little church up in the foothills

A derelict concrete hut

Isobel pokes around in the snowy wastes

Swans mill around in the snow

A 4x4 heads off to the mountains

Isobel checks her phone

Two walkers in the mountains, and some rare trees


The waterfall at Þingvellir National Park

It starts snowing again

Öxarárfoss waterfall in the snow

Tourists mill around

Öxarárfoss river heads off onto the plains between the two plates

Isobel looks into the river in front of the cliff that marks the edge of the American plate

The Þingvellir drowning pool

A couple of boulders precariously perch across a gap

Part of the Almannagjá fault

Plains and mountains

The Almannagjá fault - big enough to walk in

Church on the plains

Lava pillows

Some dude inspects a monster truck

Crowds roam around at Geysir

The Strokkur geyser blows one off

The geyser's steam looks like the aftermath of a rocket launch

Milky blue pool of hot water

Isobel has been 'geysered'

The next stop on the 'Golden Circle' is the epic Gullfoss waterfall

Gullfoss waterfall and the Hvítá river

Nosher by the waterfall

There's a smidgeon of rainbow in the spray

More epic moster-truck conversions

Icelandic ponies on a farm

Isobel floats around in hot springs at the Secret Lagoon, or Gamla Laugin in Flúðir

Isobel in the steam

The low key, and still slightly secret Secret Lagoon

Hot springs occur right next to a river, presumably mixing to provide the idea temperature

Remains of the derelict original changing rooms

The crater of the dormat Kerið volcano

Interesting lichen on rocks at the top of Kerið volcano

Isobel inspects the crater

Snow rolls in up the valley

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Our first stop is a nice little church up in the foothills