Time for breakfast at Taunton East Premier Inn

Time for breakfast at Taunton East Premier Inn

A stripey cat follows us for a bit

The stripey cat wants to join in

Harry at breakfast

Isobel and Harry do breakfast

Fred plays with Lego

Fred's made a thing

Fred in the Tom Cobley

Fred's in the zone checking the specials menu

Harry slurps lemonade

Harry admires his reflection

Harry does some colouring

Harry roams around in the Cobley's restaurant

Harry and Isobel

Isobel reads a bed-time story

Mother has yellowhammers in her garden

Thatched cottages in Spreyton

Spreyton's 'High Street' is nicely car free

Harry in the community playground

On the swings

Isobel has a swing

Isobel swings the boys around

The boys are upside-down

We start on the village shop's Easter-egg hunt

At the village road sign

This car has seen better days

The boys write down some more answers

Isobel by the school's mosaic

'How many legs are on the Tom Cobley's sign'

The Tom Cobley's Widdecombe Fair sign

Another clue is answered

The tree-lined path to the church

Old-school electricals in the church

An old font leans against a wall

Nice modern stained glass window

Light plays through a leaded window

The boys do more quiz questions

Fred on a church path

Sis in Mother's lounge

Sis looks out to sea

Fred and Harry on the beach at Exmouth

A kite is flown

Mother waves

The seafront at Exmouth

The beach near the lifeboat station

Matt and Mother

A bit of burnt wood on the beach

The Exmouth lifeboat

Matt reels in a kite

The sandwich-stealing seagull flies around

An old dude scoots by

A kite-surfer scoots by

The town of Exmouth

An airborne kite surfer

Matt and the boys are contructing

Matt builds sandcastles

The finished sandcastle

Harry by the sand castle

Isobel on the beach

We visit the most epic ice-cream shop

Swan-like Pedalos are still popular

Fred finds a tree in the dunes

A bingo parlour

Old-school amusements arcade

An old fairground hammer-strength machine

Sis and Isobel discuss topics of the day

Beach huts

Mother's semi-tame pheasant

Isobel considers a Ma'ida take-away

Isobel gets something from the kitchen