All Round to Grandma J's, Spreyton, Devon - 13th April 2017

Partly as it's Easter, and also because it's nearly Mother's 70th birthday, we head down for a visit to Spreyton, near Okehampton on the north edge of Dartmoor in Devon - a handy side-effect of which is the chance to visit the most-awesome Tom Cobley Tavern in the middle of the village. There's also an easter-egg hunt arranged by the village shop, but first there's the obligatory stop-over at a Premier Inn, this time at Taunton East.

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The gang heads off for breakfast at Taunton East Premier Inn

A stripy cat wants to join in

Isobel and Harry at brekkie

Fred's made a thing

Fred's in the zone as he peruses the special menu at the Tom Cobley

Harry slurps lemonade

Harry admires his reflection

Harry and Isobel

Isobel reads a bed-time story

Mother has got a load of yellowhammers in her garden

The quaint main street in Spreyton is nicely devoid of cars

Isobel has a swing

The boys are upside-down

The gang start collecting clues on the Easter Egg hunt

This car has seen better days

More clue gathering

One of the questions is 'how many legs are on the Tom Cobley's sign'

Tree-lined path to the church

Old-school electricals in the church

Light plays through a leaded window

Fred on a church path

Back at Grandma J's, Sis meets up with the boys

One of Grandma J's pheasants

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The gang heads off for breakfast at Taunton East Premier Inn