A Trip to Legoland, Windsor, Berkshire - 25th March 2017

As part of Harry's fifth birthday, we all head off to Legoland near Windsor for a couple of days of brick-related action

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Fred runs around the long corridors of the Heathrow Premier Inn

Fred gets in early with some, er, Lego

The entrance to the park sets the scene

A Lego book

Magnolia trees and the Knight's Kingdom castle

The Boys and Isobel do a bit of 'gold' panning

Shiny wristbands

Fred looks at knives and stabbing weapons

Harry and Fred by a Lego Ninja mural

Harry looks all wistful on a carousel ride

There's some sort of Pirate Lego enactment going on

Shiny balloons

Harry pokes a massive Lego horse

Harry looks concerned about the veracity of his gold medal

Isobel and Fred (bottom right) on the 'Mia's Riding Adventure' disk-o-coaster

Brightly-painted buildings

Harry and Fred do shadows

In the canteen, there's a giant Lego fish

The boys meet the Lego pirate captain

Fred pokes a Lego rabbit

Isobel and Harry on the Viking water ride

Big Lego dragon

Another big dragon roars at stuff

Nosher and Fred are amused by a balloon that's been stuck up a tree for most of the day

In the Lego exhibition

Fred reads about 'The Thinker'

Harry looks at a wall of mini-figures

Fred finds Salvador Dali's moustache hilarious

A huge Lego Millenium Falcon

The gang make Lego things in the Star Wars exhibition

Fred fights Darth Vader

Isobel and Harry in the lift

The Heathrow Premier Inn is certainly epic in scale, compared to the usual

Fred and Harry make their day's purchases over dinner

One of the boys' Mixels

Outside the Premier Inn, ready for the next day

The impressive Miniworld

A Lego Class 43/Intercity 125 trundles over a mini version of Brunel's River Tamar bridge

A Lego City of London

Fred and Harry do the tourist thing

Lego NASA stuff

Fred does some driving

Lego cars in action

Isobel and Harry

Fred's built a very tall tower out of pink and white bricks

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Fred runs around the long corridors of the Heathrow Premier Inn