Horsey Seals and Sea Palling, Norfolk Coast - 2nd January 2017

A trip to Horsey to see the seals had been on the cards for Boxing Day, and perhaps it wouldn't have been quite as heaving if it had happened then, as it turns out that this is the day that the world and its dog decides to visit. It's made a bit worse by the fact the the beach is sealed off to protect the seal pups, and so the crowds are all coralled through a short roped-off section along the beach and back. Despite that, it's still nice to see some seal pups, but we still have a hankering to roam on the beach and so head up first to Waxham Sands campsite, where the beach is still fenced off, before ending up in Sea Palling, a couple of miles further up the coast.

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Harry looks freaked out because his pasta is 'too spicy'

We follow the herds up to the top of the dunes

Crowds as far as the eye can see

By way of compensation, there's a bit of a rainbow out to sea

A seal pup lolls on the beach

Another pup heads off

Crowds mill around

Isobel looks back

Another pup has found a way all the way up over the dunes and into a pill box behind the beach

Harry and Fred jump around

Isobel reads about the Horsey grey seals

A belt of rain sweeps over the sun

A bush in the dunes clings on to its autumn leaves

Happiness, seal style

The car park is packed

Harry and Fred on the dunes

Sea Palling

A danger sign is consumed by sand

A group of people on the beach

Harry and Fred

One of the markers at the end of a chain of artificial groyne reefs

Harry roams the beach

The boys mess around in a mini river on the beach

Sunset over the beach river

Isobel and Fred

The boys on the beach as the sun goes down

Walking down towards the café in Sea Palling

The Sandy Hills Snack Bar

Fred is once more mesmerised by the 2p slide machines

It's a regular Aladdin's cave

There's a nice old-school-style display of mini tin dioramas

We walk back to the car park

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Harry looks freaked out because his pasta is 'too spicy'