New Year's Eve, The Oaksmere, Brome, Suffolk - 31st December 2016

What else is there to say: it's New Year's eve, the end of the year when the explosion in pop culture starting in the 1960s caught up with the now and everyone seemed to shuffle off this mortal coil. But first, there's time to go Dalek spotting in Diss as Nosher and the boys eat Fish and Chips in the van

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Down at Fair Green in Diss, a Dalek watches out

Fred has some camper-van Fish and Chips

The Fair Green Dalek

In Palgrave, the old Pat Lewis garage is suddenly demolished

In the Oaksmere, The Boy Phil stacks his coins up

Suey and Sazzle

The NYE gang - Isobel, The Boy Phil, Suey and Sarah

Suey looks up

Somebody suggests a round of Sambuca, for the win

The Sambuca is ignited

Suey gatecrashes some ticket-only event in the cocktail conservatory

The Oaksmere is lit up with purple

A while later, at about 2am, Isobel flakes out on the sofa

The next morning, at Stupid o'Clock (i.e. before 11am) Fred and Harry have built a Lego creation

The boys' Lego is longer than Harry

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Down at Fair Green in Diss, a Dalek watches out