Apples and Electromagnets, Norfolk and Suffolk - 6th November 2016

The gang kick around in the Autumn leaves of the Oaksmere on the way up to the Swan, then the boys are carving pumpkins. A week later, it's time for another annual tradition - the taking of the apple crop over to Greenwood's, near Carelton Rode, for pressing and bottling.

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Messing around in leaves

Isobel roams around

Fred and Harry

Fred has a little shop selling walnuts

Fred's legendary 'Sumer Jam' label

Fred's favourite Colubus Monkey

Pumpkin carving

Harry concentrates

Fred looks around

Harry looks at something on the phone

Harry and the van

Harry stands in front of the harvest

Trevor roams around

Trevor pokes his apple chopper with a stick

Chucking more apples in

Harry watches as apple juice comes out

Harry and the apple press

Back at the house, we melt solder to make tin people in the shape of Lego characters

The back of a molten tin man, cast in home-made play dough

Fred with his cast man

Then we're up in the office making an electromagnet for a school project

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Messing around in leaves