Tractor Rides, Brome, Suffolk - 29th October 2016

Whilst we're out at the bottom of the garden watching the ploughing-in of a hundred acres of bolted coriander, the tractor driver stops and asks if Fred wants a ride. Which we do for a few up-and-downs, and then Harry wants a go too. Then, there are some fireworks.

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Isobel and Harry

A field of two halves

Isobel and Harry climb up to the tractor cab

Harry and Isobel in the tractor

A plough and harrow combination

Fred sticks his hands in the air as he navigates through the remains of nettles

Crepuscular rays over the industrial estate

Harry and Isobel on their final lap

Harry runs back from his trip

Pigeons down at the Mere in Diss

Fireworks go off

More bright explosions

The finale - a massiove explosion of sparkles

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Isobel and Harry