Bronze-Age Grimspound, Dartmoor, Devon - 10th August 2016

After a couple of days camping with Sean, Michelle and the gang, we're off over the moor to Grandma J's in Spreyton. But first, we divert to see Grimspound, the ancient Bronze-age settlement on the edge of Dartmoor, and have a walk up to the nearby Hookney Tor. Later, we visit Sis and Matt.

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The view back down to the valley

Isobel, Fred and a lamb

Fred stands on a small bridge

Ponies, purple heather, yellow gorse and Hookney Tor

The boys mill around in the remains of a Bronze-age dwelling

Fred points the way

Fred on the old settlement wall

The main entrance to Grimspound

Fred does more pointing

A Dartmoor pony runs by

Isobel climbs up to Hookney Tor

We're on the tor

The view over Grimspound from Hookney Tor

Fred takes a nap in his 'bedroom'

Harry looks stern

Isobel and Harry walk back down

Longhorn or Highland cattle on the road

Matt roams around Sainsbury's in Exeter

Sis, Harry, Isobel and Grandma J

The cute chapel over the road

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The view back down to the valley