Camping With Sean, Ashburton, Devon - 8th August 2016

We're off to Devon to see Grandma J for the week, however it turns out that Sean, Michelle and the gang are camping near Ashburton, only twenty miles away. So after a quick email, a spot is booked for two nights at Parker's campsite, complete with an 8-man tent borrowed from Sean, who even sets it up for us. All of that follows a night in the Lympsham Premier Inn, near Weston-super-Mare, and a trip to pick up Isobel at Taunton, fresh in from her week in China.

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Harry and Fred outside Mendham Primary School after their summer club

Mendham High Street

Fred holds up a 'five' at the Lympsham Premier Inn

Harry hangs on a chair

The boys enter the room

Fred piles syrup on a pancake stack

Harry and Fred show off their sticky hands

The boys in the room

Harry's got a proper grump on outside Dartmouth Sainsbury's

We eat a random tent picnic

The gang bounce around on a trampoline

A sheep gets taken for a walk

It's llama-feeding time

Fred and Rowan feed a llama

Feeding carrots to ponies

Fred is happy with his pony feeding

Fred follows a sheep around

Donkey feeding

The children all roll down a hill

Fred and Rowan wander off

Meanwhile, a calf gets some milk

Rowan and Fred run down to catch the tractor ride

Sydney, Fred and Rowan are piled in to a trailer

Michelle hides as Isobel roams around in the static caravan

Rowan and Fred sit on a hill

Sean pours a glass of wine

Sean has some sort of head-exploding moment

Marshmallows are scorched on the barbeque

The fire gets going

Sean pokes the barbeque some more

Fred and his singed marshmallows on a stick

Fred and Harry watch Rowan's laptop in the caravan

An oasis of light in the gathering dark

Fred comes back from somewhere on his bike

Harry and Isobel

The boys angrily brush their teeth

Sean's tent

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Harry and Fred outside Mendham Primary School after their summer club