Camping in West Runton, North Norfolk - 30th July 2016

It's the first proper camping trip since the van returned from its epic layover due to gearbox failure, and we're up at the CCC site at West Runton, on the North Norfolk coast a mile or so from Cromer.

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Fred outside the shop

Caravan city

Fred tips his drink back a bit too far and takes a tumble

On the path to East Runton

Fred on the beach - it's absolutely perfect sand-castle sand

Gabes in a rock pool

Harry eats some sweets

The crowds on the sand bar

Fred finds a really cool rock (and then loses it)

Within minutes, the sand baar is engulfed by the sea

Harry has a nap

Fred makes a little cairn

For some reason unknown, only the work 'consideration' has survived on the beach sign

View of the beach

The gang eat ice cream

We unlock the bikes

Crowds on the pier

Isobel and Harry

A shelter on the pier

Some dude does some crabbing

A hundred crab-strings dangle into the sea

A nice glass painting in the lifeboat shed

The Cromer lifeboat - the RNLB Lester

Cromer Pier from the cliff

Fred finds a cool shield bug

Harry's up a tree

The insides of an unripe fig

An interesting seed

Isobel in the beer garden

A fly on a flower

Giant fly, or small fly close-up?

The magical beer garden of the Fishing Boat pub in East Runton

Modernist tiles in the gents bogs

Isobel and Gabes saddle up

Harry has to be unloaded so the bike can be shoved under the bar

Isobel and Harry

The van in its spot

Fred plays footie

An epic queue for the chip van soon builds up

Isobel in the chip queue

Fred and Isobel return with fish'n'chip booty

Time for a quick race around the field

Camping by oil-light

The pitch - about to be dismantled

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Fred outside the shop