On the A11, just outside Thetford, we make a stop to fill up with diesel

On the A11, just outside Thetford, we make a stop to fill up with diesel

On the A14, there's the tragic sight of a crashed Morgan

We meet up with Rob and Henry at Kettering Services

Henry roams around the forecourt

Max finds his room

Max wanders around the Tewkesbury Premier Inn

Rob with his leopard-print guitar case

Rob's on the phone

Max checks for texts

Rob's guitar is hanging around

We head off to the van

Henry gets in a twenty-point turn

Gear is unloaded

Stuff is unloaded from the vans

The venue and the Cotswold hills

The band and Martin have a coffee

The band's gear

Jo pretends to do an 80s-style music video

Max and Rob unpack stuff

Henry sorts his kit out

Time for a sound check

A load of glasses, and a nice view out

Jo gets on the mic

A former barn is slowly converted

We poke around on the estate

Heating and hot water from eco-wood-burners

guests mill around

Henry gets a beer

The party assembles

Max and Rob

The band have their own table

Henry and his shirt lurk in a doorway

Jo does a rare voluntary pose for the camera

Honey limestone farmhouse

Henry tests his SPDS under blue lights

An evening scene

Jo's sister does a speech

Henry's mic stand wrecks his snare drum

Max has a laff at breakfast, before the end

The view back at the venue in the morning

The band packs up for the last time

Easter Park - the Dowty Seals and Trelleborg site

What looks like a derelict military base

Max at some services near Huntingdon on the A14

On the A11