A Tamar River Trip, Plymouth, Devon - 30th May 2016

It's back over the moor again, this time to Plymouth - once Nosher's home for a few years at the end of the 1980s. We start out at the re-developed Drakes Circus and then head out past the former Civic Centre, which looks like it's being either re-developed or prepared for demolition, before crossing the Hoe, going up "Smeaton's Willy", walking to the Barbican for Fish'n'chips and finally doing a "dockyards and warships" boat tour up the Tamar.

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The top end of Old Town Street has been covered over and turned in to part of a shopping mall

Steel and Glass, and the old Money Centre building in the background

New George Street

Harry has a go on a roundabout

Demolition or renovation? The former Civic Centre

Isobel and the boys walk past the stark 1962 concrete of the Civic Centre

1960s concrete

Fred and Harry on the HMS Ark Royal anchor

Isobel and Harry on the Hoe

The Navy Memorial

Harry gets a little bit nervous as we climb Smeaton's Tower lighthouse

The view from the top of the lighthouse

The stripey Tinside Lido and Plymouth Sound

Harry roams around

Fred, Isobel and Harry at the base of the former Eddystone Rock lighthouse

Compulsory cliché photo of Smeaton's Tower

East Hoe and the Citadel

The gang eat ice cream

The queues have died down at the ice cream van

Harry and Isobel look out to sea

The boys play with an old cannon

We wait for our fish and chips

It's heaving in Harbourside Fish and Chip Shop

We eat our chips on the Mayflower pier

The Barbican

Isobel's hair is blown in the wind, as some geezer realises that his toupee has blown off

Fish come up to eat stuff off the boat at its waterline

Waiting for the off

The Hoe, as seen from The Sound

Former wartime gun emplacements

HMS Diamond, a Type-45 Daring-class destroyer, at Devonport

F235, HMS Monmouth, steams out to the Sound

The Torpoint Ferry trundles across the Tamar, in front of Devonport's massive Frigate Sheds

Type 23's F82 HMS Somerset and F79 HMS Portland

L12 HMS Ocean - currently the Royal Navy's biggest ship

The other passengers on the boat

Fred comes up topside

Harry stomps along the pontoon bridge

The Barbican and its bunting

A derelict house

Lenkiewicz's original mural has now completely disappeared

Isobel and Gabes wander up Buckwell Street

The Post Office on Exeter Street

On Old Town Street

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The top end of Old Town Street has been covered over and turned in to part of a shopping mall