Okehampton Castle, Devon - 28th May 2016

On Day One of a few days in Spreyton, Devon, we haul Grandma J out from the house for a trip to nearby Okehampton Castle. On the way back we detour over Dartmoor to just the other side of Princetown to walk up a Tor.

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Isobel, Mother and The Boys sit in the sun

Fred and Harry peer around the landscape with binoculars

Fred gets ready to roll down a hill

Down on Spreyton playing field, there's an old roller

An old grey Freguson tractor hides away in the long grass

Fred's on the rings

Pub of the year: The Tom Cobley Tavern in Spreyton

Summer meadow

Isobel and Sis share a joke

Mother potters about

The bucolic fields of Devon

Okehampton shopping arcade

A mob of Jackdaws hangs around in Grandma J's tree

The gang walk down the lane to the castle

Harry and Fred run off to explore

Fred, Harry and the improbably-stacked ruins of Okehampton Castle

Time for lunch

The view over Okehampton from the top of the Motte

Mother points something out

Pretty lilac flowers

Fred looks up

Harry and Fred get wooden swords and shields and join a gang

Harry and Fred cross swords

Sir Harry, the knight

Trees, and the castle ticket office

The nearby river

Isobel and Mother chat

Walking back up the road

Harry, Grandma J and Fred

Fred cautiosly dips a foot into the river

Mother and Harry

Back on Dartmoor

Mother sits on a rock

Dartmoor ponies

Fred waves from a Tor

A Dartmoor valley

The boys are dots in the landscape

Mother stands near a pile of rocks

Animal trails stand out nicely on the hillside

Isobel strides about

A gap-toothed Fred hides in the rocks

Harry and Fred

Harry in the bar of the Tom Cobley

The gang have a drink before dinner

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Isobel, Mother and The Boys sit in the sun