The Opening of Chagford Lido, Chagford, Devon - 28th May 2016

After a night's lay-over at the Weston-super-Mare Premier Inn, it's off down the M5 to Spreyton - luckily catching only the tail-end of a 26-mile queue of slow-moving traffic. Almost immediately, we're then off to Chagford to witness the re-opening of the Chagford Lido, renovated thanks to local enthusiasm and Lottery money. These were also the photos that nearly weren't, as the camera they were taken on was "borrowed" by a small person and left in Grandma J's garden, prompting much searching and even a "lost camera" note in the Spreyton village shop.

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Isobel and Fred in the room

Harry's got 'reserved' on his head

Fred get's a syrup-loaded short stack for breakfast

Whilst Harry stuffs some sort of chocolately breakfast product into his face

Fred goes 'hurrah' for hotels

The end of the epic queue on the M5

At Grandma J's house, the boys get a hug

Harry peers over a kitchen worktop

Some curious calfs peer over the fence opposite the swimming pool

The crowds assembled outside the pool

The pool is officially opened

The Chagford pool committee

The members of the committee leap in for the first swim in the renovated pool

Fred gets out - despite being 'heated', the pool still feels freezing

Grandma J and the gang

Some of the Chagford lifeguard team pose for a photo for the papers

Grandma J with Harry

Fred and Mother

Fred blows on his mug of hot chocolate - free for swimmers

The lane to Chagford

We load up for the short drive back to Grandma J's

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Isobel and Fred in the room