The BBs at New Buckeham to Katzenjammer's, Norfolk and London - 16th May 2016

The BBs are playing at New Buckenham Village Hall, for the first time in several years. Then, there's an after-work trip to the beer-and-sausage-keller that is Katzenjammer's, on Southwark Street in London

next album: The Opening of Chagford Lido, Chagford, Devon - 28th May 2016
previous album: Isobel's Race for Life, Costessey, Norwich - 15th May 2016

The BSCC Bike Club at the Bramfield Queen

Harry's got Spider-Man facepaint

An Airstream caravan has been turned in to a mobile studio

The BBs set up at New Buckenham Village Hall

Red light

The band is invited up to the house for a bit

Max scopes out the fridge

Jo points at Table Cat

New Buckenham church

More milling around

Rob and Max in the New Buck George

Down in London, we wander up O'Meara Street towards Borough

The IME team are at the bar in Katzenjammer's

Our table: reserved for Mike

Cheers for beers

Katzenjammer's underground arches

Mike, Lachie, Olli and Nikesh

A random staircase in a building undergoing renovation

More construction on Bishopsgate

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The BSCC Bike Club at the Bramfield Queen