Isobel's Hartismere Run, Suffolk - 16th March 2016

Isobel enters in to a Sport Relief 5k run at nearby Hartismere High School, but before that it's Fred's investiture in to the 1st Eye Beaver Pack

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Fred and his gang do the three-fingered salute

Fred recites his oath

Fred's woggle is applied

Down on the railway line near Ilford, there's an abandoned chair

Andrew measures up for a foul-air vent pipe

The BBs come round to the office for an acoustic rehearsal

Fred joins in with the BBs' rehearsal on cornet

Down at Hartismere, Fred and Soph the Roph mess around on the ropes

Harry looks up

Isobel and Harry

Isobel gets interviewed by Gov's dad

Isobel, Fred and Sophie warm up

Isobel gets ready for the off

Running around the field

Sophie and Fred run around

Isobel crosses the finishing line

Isobel goes off to hide for a bit

Waiting for the runners

Fred hurls his medal around

Harry runs up to the finishers

The gang eat cake

WI types man the cake stall

Back at home, a million ants are living in some twin-wall polycarbonate

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Fred and his gang do the three-fingered salute