The bathroom floor has complicated markings

The bathroom floor has complicated markings

Sea no evil

Thorpness in the distance

The House in the Clouds and Sizewell

Harry stomps around

Maggi Hambling's The Scallop

Harry does more shouting

A seaside shelter

A lonely fishing boat

The Jim Claire of Ipswich

Quality electrical cabinet

Isobel hangs around outside a fish hut

Boats on the beach

Fred hangs around

Fishing boats on the beach

More boats and huts

A Herring Gull looks serious

The boys play with a telescope

Aldeburgh Moot Hall and the Mill Inn

Isobel and Gabes

A bronze statue of Snooks the Dog

The house from TV programme 'Grandpa in my Pocket'

Harry's on another wall

The Aldeburgh lifeboat museum

Fred, Isobel and Harry look at the Freddie Cooper

The boys do their favourite coin-spin thing

The Freddie Cooper

Harry outside the lifeboat shed

An ancient Lister engine

The South Lookout

Isobel writes on a pebble

Optimistic graffiti

Fred holds up his decorated rock

Isobel gets a go of a golden Spaniel puppy

Like pebbles on the beach, kicked around by feet

Fred and Harry roll down the shingle hill

Fred tries his best to get wet

Fishing boats on Aldeburgh sea front

The boys are fascinated by a radio-control boat

We're back at the Scallop

Fred's in the Scallop

Maggi Hambling's controversial sea shell

Fred on the Scallop, as was intended