The crowds in the barrel

The crowds in the barrel

The crowd gets excited

It's time for party poppers

Party poppers are unleashed

Anogther view of the Banham crowds

Max takes a photo of the crowds

Post-midnight hugs

Isobel and Harry

We hang out on Chinner's fence

Harry tries to get Chinner over with a carrot

A derelict shed

The derelict chicken shed

Fred looks around

Another derelict building in the trees

Some dude on a bike heads up to Brome Street

We walk up to the church

Inside Brome Church

An engraving of the criminally-demolished Brome Hall

Stained glass in Brome Church

The nave of the church of St. Mary, Brome

A gargoyle drain pipe

Harry peeks up from behind the gravestones

The boys spot a dead falcon in the graveyard

Fred runs around

Harry does more peeking out