A Party and a Road Trip to Chester, Suffolk and Cheshire - 20th December 2015

There's a party round Rachel's, then on the following day we're off on day one of a two-day amble to Dublin, via a Premier Inn near Chester.

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A table heaped with party food

Andrew looks relatively un-fazed as a thousand sprogs mill around

Chris savours a moment of peace

Harry roams around

Isobel gets a go of Bob, the fluffy cat

Fred at Corley Services on the M6

Traffic thunders by on the M6

Another almost-derelict and largely-forgotten link bridge

Fred poses at a window

Isobel looks over by some non-standard phone boxes

The boys just love to mess around in hotel beds

Harry is wide-awake in his bed

The boys slurp on slushies in the tied restaurant thingy


Identical corridors to every other Premier Inn in the UK

Twisty stairs

The gang heads off to breakfast

Sunrise over Chester

Gabes eats a pastry

There's a little time to do some more bed bouncing

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A table heaped with party food