Fred shows off his signed cast

Fred shows off his signed cast

The other side of the cast

The cast, before it is replaced with a lighter one

Next door's bizarre graffiti caravan re-appears

Fred sets up another shop at the end of the drive

Fred's shop

Boris - Stripey Cat

Boris and Harry

The boys chase after Bozley Mog

Isobel roams around

Harry watches Boris

Boris stretches out as Fred watches

Grandad's flower garden is in full bloom

Some stunning Gladioli

Burned-out building on the edge of Stratford

There's a massive spiky cactus on the railway

Cactus in a box

The old office on Union Street is done up

Street art near Blackfriars

The Lord Nelson pub

A statue of a dog eating out of a cooking pot

Blackfriars Station under the railway bridge

More graffiti near the back of Waterloo Station

Team SwiftKey wanders off for Turkish lunch

Inside Tas Ev, near Waterloo

There's a crowd in the lounge

The Boys get a visit from some second cousins

There's a vain attempt to get a group photo

It's like herding cats, as Millie photo-bombs