The BSCC Do Rutland Water, Rutland - 9th May 2015

It's the fourth visit for the Brome Swan Cycle Club to Rutland Water, but the first time staying at the nice (but expensive) Old White Hart in Lyddington, about seven or eight miles south of the resevoir. It's also the first time trying out a tag-along, with Fred attached but nominally riding his own bike - but getting the chance for an actual few miles around the Water itself, where the terrain was slightly less "extreme hill" than the journey to and from Lyddington .

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The trip gets off to a good start with a flat tyre at Bar Hill, near Cambridge

The Top Table

Fred's impressed with his ice cream

Fred and Harry in their own bedroom

Fred bumps in to Al and Spam on Main Street

The Old White Hart pig

Spammy gets some breakfast

Harry's in a wicker den

The Old White Hart

Marc gets the tandem down

Lyddington's absurdely-picturesque Main Street

DH gives out some Stiff Upper Lip

A thatcher's trademark

Harry gets rugged up for the ride

Fred shows Suey his compass/bell

Harry roams around

A BSCC group photo

Fred gets his peepers out as we re-assemble at the top of another extreme hill

Marc and The Boy Phil outside the Horse and Jockey

Massed bikes outside the Horse and Jockey

Fred does some balancing on a bike rack

DH does a Winston

Riding around the Water

Al, Jill and Colin set off again

The Boy Phil has some mechanical issues

A view of a windy Rutland Water

Cycling through the boat yard

Suey and Isobel push their bikes up a hill

Marc looks over at the bar of the White Horse in Empingham (a previously stayed-in spot)

Harry and Fred look at random old photos on Isobel's ancient pooPhone

DH, Phil, Marc and Gaz brave the slightly chilly day to sit outside

The IceCream van from 2011 has moved around to Normanton Church

The Boy Phil roams around near Normanton Church

The bike club shelter from the fierce wind in the lee of the Ice Cream van

Harry and the pig-chef

Colin, Jill, Paul and The Boy Phil assemble for Saturday night's dinner

Jill, Colin and Marc

John Willy sticks his tongue out

Marc photo-bombs Harry at breakfast

Harry has a bounce down at the Lyddington playground

Harry on the swings

Lyddington's K6 phone box

Harry tries out a phone box for the first time

Our little top-floor flat for the weekend

The boys find a trunk to play in

Lyddington's village green

the boys run around the Bede House

We make use of our English Heritage cards to get a look around the Bede House

Lovely attic room

Looking around the Bede House's great hall

Fred at the refectory table

The front of the Bede House - a former bishop's palace

Lyddington's church nave

A 15th Century wall painting of Henry I

The boys do some drawing in the church

View of the Bede house through a window

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The trip gets off to a good start with a flat tyre at Bar Hill, near Cambridge