Dublin and Blackrock, Ireland - 16th April 2015

It's the day after James and Haryanna's wedding and we have a spare day before flying back. To while away the day, we head in to Dublin for a bit to watch the tourists and Stag parties in Temple Bar

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Colourful graffiti on the sea walls at Booterstown DART station

More rock-wall graffiti

Isobel and the boys hang around at Booterstown DART

Harry and Isobel, looking around on the DART

Time for lunch at Salamanca Tapas bar in Dublin

Fred and Harry choose stuff from the menu

Harry's got a menu on his head

Fred the hoody gives a funny look

The funky Blooms Hotel in Temple Bar

Harry and Isobel on the street

The boys look at some 'vintage' clutter

Harry on a bench

The boys look out from the window of a Dublin photography gallery

Tiled back alley

Fred strokes a fake-fur animal stuck to a wall

Heavily-stickered phone booth

The River Liffey

The Dublin Fire Brigade scoots up and down the Liffey on a RIB

Isobel and Harry

The scourge of the selfie

The boys sit on some street sculpture

Brightly-painted door

Pearse Station and a DART train

Harry and Fred mill around

Blackrock DART bridge

There's more seawall-based graffiti at Blackrock

Fred and Evelyn on the top deck of a bes heading to Dun Laoghaire

Costello's Hardware in Dun Laoghaire

Fred and Isobel in Bits 'n' Pizzas

Fred scores a cocktail umbrella

Waiting for the bus home

Blackrock High Street

Da Wheeze hangs on to a traffic light

Harry and Annalua survey the scene

The children play hopscotch

Donnely's Tyre and Batter service

Fred does more hopscotch

Evelyn takes the children for a wee

Haryanna and Louise, looking all punk and smoking a fag, hang around outside the Frascati Centre in Blackrock

Isobel checks her bag in at Dublin Airport, on the way home

Dublin Bay from the air

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Colourful graffiti on the sea walls at Booterstown DART station