Isobel and Fred cycle down Brome Street

Isobel and Fred cycle down Brome Street

Fred turns off up to Peck's Farm

The nearly-derelict clock tower of Brome Hall

Cycling up The Avenue

The gate half-way along The Avenue

Another view of the clock tower

There's a bath in the hedge

Harry's asleep on the back of the bike

A Greater Anglia DVT at Norwich

Sun and trees through a rainy window

There's a rtainbow over the Oaksmere

Millie the Mooch is up a tree

Millie Cat clings to a branch

Harry and Fred go off walking

The boys lean over Chinner's fence

Isobel and Harry

Tony tells the boys about Chinner's former life

Fred feeds Chinner some carrots

Chinner and Fred

Fred spins on the swing

The boys play with sticks

Rob moves a stool around at Henry's

Rob plugs his guitar in

Tuning up the Telecaster

Henry fiddles with knobs

The two Henrys and Max play with a recorder

Henry's hi-hats

Jo warms up as the lads fiddle

Rob has a warm-up twang

A collection of bass guitars like a music shop

Jo ponders some singing

Henry fiddles with a recorded track

Jo and Henry

Max rests his eyes

The boys do backing vocals

Henry gives it a thumbs up

Nosher's keyboards

Back home, there's been a bit of snow