Southwold Sunset and New Year's Eve, Suffolk - 31st December 2014

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There's a really hairy frost on the garden bench

Fred pokes around with the frost

Some optimistic Primula are out early

Down on Southwold sea front

Waves crash on the groynes

Fred hurls stones at the sea

Sand angel

The top of the lighthouse peeps over the cliff top

It's time for a beach picnic

Harry looks all laid back

Funkier-than-usual beach hut paint job

Stripey Neopolitan planks

A dog on a bench

Harry and Isobel run along the promenade

Beacon on the cliff top

Isobel and Harry

Fred on a cannon

Fred flings more stones in to the sea

The Southwold sea front

The beach, looking towards Siezwell

An old couple with wellies roam the beach

More beach huts

Harry and Isobel

The lighthouse

The sea picks out the colours of the clouds

Light ropes on the pier

Fred in the café on the pier

The pier looks warm and inviting in the dusk

Soutwold Pier, all lit up

The lighthouse beams out in to the night

Graffiti on a telecoms box summs up BT OpenReach's rural broadband strategy: broke

The Boy Phil, Marc and Suey in the Oaksmere

Sparkly fireworks just after midnight

Long streaks of light

The dinner crowd mill back in to their marquees

Phil, Marc, Suey, Isobel and Nosher

More camera gurning, plus Sarah

Marc looks glum

Marc's got goggle eyes, thanks to some Jägerbomb shot glasses

The Boy Phil and Isobel have a go on the pirate ship

Phil's up on the roof

Isobel climbs around

Ice on the car looks like a satellite photo of a mountain range

Nosher's hand-print

Fred and Harry have a treat of chips up the Swan

Arline and John talk to another old couple

More hairy frost

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There's a really hairy frost on the garden bench