Christmas Stuff, Suffolk - 25th December 2014

It's Christmas Day, so there's a round of present opening following by the traditional visit to the pub for a lunchtime beer. Then, a few days later, we're over at Tacolneston for lunch.

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Fred hangs around outside the newsagents in Eye

Harry opens up a Christmas book

Fred opens a present

Wrapping-paper devastation

Harry takes time to reflect with Invisible Cat

Isobel and Fred start making Christmas things

Harry has a PlayMobil knight

Walking down the Oaksmere's drive

Walking to the pub for a Christmas beer

Carmen and Isabella

Carmen talks to Isobel

A pub full of people

Marc pokes around on his phone

Carmen and baby

Fred chats to Jessica

Alan behind the bar

Fred peeks out from behind a tree

Winter trees

Isobel and the boys have Christmas dinner

A glass of wine

Isobel and the boys Skype someone

Fred with his collection of things

The gang all watch telly over at Allyson and John's

Fred's up a tree

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Fred hangs around outside the newsagents in Eye