The BSCC Christmas Dinner, Brome, Suffolk - 6th December 2014

It's time for the annual Brome Swan Cycling Club dinner up at The Swan. There's also the usual Saturday in Diss and a trip to the spectacular new wooden pirate ship at the nearby Cornwallis.

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South Norfolk DC make out with free parking as a Christmas present

An unexpected discovery that disabled drivers include the blind

The fish dude has some nice-looking lobsters

The 1963 Class 86 loco is back at Ipswich

One of the weird-looking American-built Class 70s rumbles through Ipswich

Fred hurls a blanket around

Apple, Gaz and Gaz's missus

Claire and the Saga Massive

Pip, Isobel and Suey have a gas

Pippa gets a clock

Crackers are pulled

Gaz's hat perches on top of his highly-gelled hair

Paul and Isobel scope a quiz out

Apple does his annual Sooty gag - this time with a fake moustache

Something's occuring on Marc's phone

Harry's at the wheel of the pirate ship

Harry and Isobel hang out on the bridge

Fred and his eye-patch

Harry's on a cannon

Fred and Harry

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South Norfolk DC make out with free parking as a Christmas present