The Eye Lights and a Thorpe Abbots Birthday, Suffolk and Norfolk - 6th December 2014

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A full moon, handheld

Isobel helps man the 'Friends of Eye School' stand at the Eye Christma lights

Grandad buys the boys a light sabre each

The boys have a light-sabre fight

Clare's out with Billy the labrador

Colin and Jill wander past

Gabes waves his light sabre at Jessica as Claire looks on

The boys mess around in the 19340s-esque bus shelter

Andy and Mikey P face off over the cheese puffs in Thorpe Abbots village hall

A bare room in the original 1940s hall

An old tea crate that's been to Rotterdam, London and Liverpool

Fred and Henry run around with balloons

Party room

Henry and Fred have a balloon battle

Village hall bar, like it's the 1980s

All the children disappear to play pass-the-parcel

1942 hall

A bit of birthday bunting

There's a nice little B17 featuring on the village sign

Fred runs around

All lined up on the stage

Henry and Fred eat tea

Evening light

Jack's cake

Mike lights the candles

Rosie and Mike carry the cake

Jack gets his cake

Harry and Isobel

Party aftermath

The wind turbines are lit up by the sunset and the orange barf-glow from Roy Humphries' site

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A full moon, handheld