Santa, Rick Wakeman, Ian Lavender and the Christmas lights, The Oaksmere, Suffolk - 4th December 2014

Local celebs Rick Wakeman and actor Ian Lavender are at the Oaksmere to turn on the Christmas-tree lights. There's also a hog roast, barrel of Adnams and a good turnout for the event in which the crowd see the pair, along with Santa, turn up in a US Army halftrack, courtesy of Clive Chickens.

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Andrew holds up his beer

The hog

A girl discovers the joy of shadows

Harry roams around

Fred runs around

The sunken garden fills up

Grandad sticks Harry's hat on

Rick and Ian arrive in the half-track, driven by Clive. Santa waves

Rick, Ian and Clive

Santa and his elves

Santa walks up the path

Fraser and the boys switch the lights on

The tree lights up

The crowd watch a firework display

Milling throngs

Group photo

Santa hands presents out to the millions of children

Harry waits his turn

Fred waits for a present

Santa looks surprised

Clive gets a book signed by Ian Lavender

Andrew looks serious

Fred, Santa and Harry. Fred's got twig antlers on

Another group photo

Clive, Suzanne and the other driver get a photo

The Oaksmere and its tree

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Andrew holds up his beer