A Melting House Made of Wax, Southwark, London - 12th November 2014

Near the office in Southwark, a house made out of wax bricks is slowly melting in to the ground as part of an art project called "50p for a pound of flesh". Elsewhere, there's some Borough streetlife and a rail-side graffiti update.

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Down at Diss Station, the Poo Tomatoes are actually ripening

Bloomberg's new European headquarters continues to rise upwards off Queen Victoria Street

Inside the Church of the Most Precious Blood on O'Meara Street

Old warehouse building, O'Meara Street

The melty wax house melts away

Drips of wax

More drips of wax, like a brown frozen waterfall

Grand old building, looking up Southwark Street towards Borough Market

A whole line of Boris bikes

The entrance to Borough Market, with its incongruous 1960s building

War memorial on Borough High Street

Derelict shop and building, Borough High Street

Ping pong street art in Marlborough Playground, off Union Street

Street art in the shadow of the Shard

Underground, overground

The strange wasteland known as Cross Bones, with bits of old building lying around

A study in yellow

Impressive silver graffiti

More graffiti, near the Brick Lane bridge

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Down at Diss Station, the Poo Tomatoes are actually ripening