Remembrance Sunday and Other Stories, Eye, Suffolk - 9th November 2014

Isobel's back from her thousand weeks away in Berlin and Dublin, so we all pile over to Stansted for the pickup. Then, it's the Remembrance Sunday parade in Eye.

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A group of travellers interacts with social media (but not each other) on the floor of the airport

Isobel and Gabes roam around

Stansted's Orange short-stay car park, under the barf-glow of orange sodium lights

Fred climbs around in the trolley park at Morissons

The new Aldi in Diss gets some window frames put in

Andy the Sausage and Mere Street, Diss

In Browne's the butchers, Roger has grown some face fuzz

A moment alone with the ducks

Fred the Head and a comedy hat

It's Sausage o'clock

Scissor-lifts in Aldi

Harry runs about

Harry's asleep on the sofa after lots of running around

On the roof of the garage, a spider lurks surrounded by a cloud of spiderlings

Lambseth Street in Eye is closed off

A flag-bearer gives a salute

More flags

Fred looks up

The band gets ready

Trombone action

An old dude takes a photo of the band

Quizzical looks

Fred and Isobel tag along in the parade

Various columns of Brownies, Cubs and Scouts

A wreath is laid

The parade continues on towards the church

The new Mayor of Eye

The mayoral Mace bearer

The band heads off in to the winter sun

A surprised look from a Scout

Andy P

Sophie and Fred

The band lead the parade up Church Street, Eye

A good turn out fills Church Street

The posse

The Eye war memorial

A bench floats in a sea of autumn leaves

Harry and Fred at the bar of The Swan, in for a Sunday-afternoon Fruit Shoot

Nosher builds a log pile in the porch

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A group of travellers interacts with social media (but not each other) on the floor of the airport